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Photo Of The Day 8.28.16

New Detection System Sends Unauthorized Drones Home

ApolloShield’s New System Detects And Sends Unwanted Drones Home






” ApolloShield, which was originally incorporated as Airfence Inc., has launched an anti-drone system that detects drones flying where they’re not authorized or wanted, and forces them to fly home.

  The startup intends to sell its technology to owners or managers of venues that have intense security needs such as oil refineries, nuclear facilities, airports, prisons, stadiums or hotels and buildings where high-net worth individuals or public figures may reside.

  Co-founders Nimo Shkedy (CEO) and Gilad Beeri (CTO) explained that the ApolloShield system includes a unit installed on the ground that contains a radio and antennae. Each unit scans an area for drone communications.”




” Stringing a few units together will let a user protect the entire perimeter of a venue of any size.

  The startup faces competition from drone detection firms like DeDrone, and anti-drone tech providers including DroneShield, OpenWorks, or military anti-drone tech companies that could move into the consumer market like SRC Inc.”


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Photo Of The Day 8.27.16

MIT & DARPA Create Tiny Lidar Micro-Chip

MIT And DARPA Pack Lidar Sensor Onto Single Chip



MIT's lidar chip is smaller than a dime



” Light detection and ranging, or lidar, is a sensing technology based on laser light. It’s similar to radar, but can have a higher resolution, since the wavelength of light is about 100,000 times smaller than radio wavelengths. For robots, this is very important: Since radar cannot accurately image small features, a robot equipped with only a radar module would have a hard time grasping a complex object. At the moment, primary applications of lidar are autonomous vehicles and robotics, but also include terrain and ocean mapping and UAVs. Lidar systems are integral to almost all autonomous vehicles and many other robots that operate autonomously in commercial or industrial environments.

  Lidar systems measure how far away each pixel in a 3D space is from the emitting device, as well as the direction to that pixel, which allows for the creation of a full 3D model of the world around the sensor. The basic method of operation of a lidar system is to transmit a beam of light, and then measure the returning signal when the light reflects off of an object. The time that the reflected signal takes to come back to the lidar module provides a direct measurement of the distance to the object. Additional information about the object, like its velocity or material composition, can also be determined by measuring certain properties of the reflected signal, such as the induced Doppler shift. Finally, by steering this transmitted light, many different points of an environment can be measured to create a full 3D model.”



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Photo Of The Day 8.26.16

Walt Disney Co Seeks Drone Patents

Disney Might Be Building Drones To Use In Its Theme Parks


Disney drones



” It looks as if Amazon may be getting some company in its bid to build and use commercial drones.

  Disney has applied for three separate drone-related patents that discuss the possible uses of “aerial display systems,” which means that Walt Disney’s theme parks could one day roll out a whole new level of entertainment.

The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch first noticed the patent applications, which were filed Thursday.

  The first patent discusses using unmanned aerial vehicles to create a “floating pixel or ‘flixel'” that could possibly replace fireworks. The second one details using UAVs for floating projection screens that would display lights or images in the sky. The third patent looks to fly around marionettes and puppets on top of the UAVs.”


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Photo Of The Day 8.25.16

Drone Girl Reviews MzeroA’s Remote Pilot Course

Review: MzeroA’s Remote Pilot 101 Course


Remote Pilot 101



” The Part 107 exam availability is about a week away — and it’s not going to be an easy test for people unfamiliar with aeronautics.

  If you’re like me and have trouble committing to — and understand — a book, then reading the FAA’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge may not be enough. There are a number of online and in-person training courses to help you learn what you need to know.

   I tried out MzeroA’s Remote Pilot 101 course, which consist of more than three hours of training videos, as well as 9 practice quizzes to cap the end of each section and one final exam at the end.

  The course is put together by Jason Schappert. Schappert is a pilot, author of 8 aviation flight training books and flight instructor. MzeroA offers variety of manned flight training courses, though this is the company’s first foray into drone training.”


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Photo Of The Day 8.24.16

Why Are Engineers Intentionally Crashing Drones?

Johns Hopkins Engineers Test-Crash Drones To Find Vulnerabilities




” With sales of drones steadily increasing, many manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon to produce low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for amateur hobbyists.

  These drones, however, are often at risk from determined individuals trying to take them down. While anti-drone measures are in the works to protect the public, identifying security vulnerabilities in UAVs is often an afterthought by manufacturers and designers.

  Enter a research team from Johns Hopkins University, which has endeavored to identify, test and report on these vulnerabilities in a common hobbyist-level drone.”



Image result for Johns Hopkins Crashing Drones



” The team of five grad students and their supervisor was able to identify three cybersecurity measures absent from the drone, and exploit them to cause it to either land or crash using the following approaches:

  • By bombarding the drone with numerous wireless connection requests in rapid succession, the researchers were able to overload the drone’s CPU, causing it to shut down. This caused an “uncontrolled landing.”
  • Another crash was caused by sending the drone an exceptionally large data packet, exceeding the capacity of a buffer in the aircraft’s flight application.
  • Lastly, the researchers repeatedly sent a fake digital packet from their laptop to the drone’s controller, telling it that the packet’s sender was the drone itself. Eventually, the controller identified the data as its own, breaking connection to the actual UAV. This forced an emergency landing.”


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Photo Of The Day 8.23.16

Shapeways Announces Their First Drone Creation Contest

Shapeways Drone Contest





” It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… the Drones Contest!

  We’re defining a drone as a powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator and can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely. Any drone-related project is eligible, so get cracking on your entry today.

  Shapeways is providing some fabulous prizes for the winners of this contest, including an iPad Pro, GoPro, and Bionic Bird. Good luck, and remember: the sky’s the limit! 

  Create a new Step By Step Instructable that fits the guidelines outlined in the contest description above. Instructables must be published between Aug 8, 2016 and Oct 3, 2016 (11:59pm PT) to be eligible.”


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Photo Of The Day 8.22.16

“Safer Together” Venture Hopes To Integrate Drones With General Aviation

‘Safer Together’ Initiative Addresses Risk of Drone, General Aviation Collisions




” Drone maker senseFly has teamed up with aviation navigation app Air Navigation Pro to launch Safer Together, an initiative to address the risk of mid-air collision between unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and general aviation (GA) pilots.

  In the coming weeks, senseFly will release new GA functionality for its eMotion flight-planning software. This will enable operators of its drones – such as the albris inspection UAS and eBee mapping platforms – to create a special advisory when activating their automated drone flights. Then, eMotion will transmit this advisory – a batch of flight information – via the Internet to Air Navigation Pro’s server. Air Navigation Pro will then push this information out to all smart devices of connected Air Navigation users. In turn, they will be able to see details of the senseFly operator’s planned drone working area, such as its location, likely timings, height above the ground and type of drone.”



Image result for Safer Together Flight Solutions 


” For the second phase in the coming months, senseFly drone operators will, in turn, gain the ability to view Air Navigation users’ flights in real time (with an Internet connection) – providing bi-directional awareness of aerial activity for GA pilots and drone operators.”


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Photo Of The Day 8.21.16

DJI Opens The First “Drone Playground” In Seoul

DJI’s South Korean Drone Playground Is Spectacular




” In the last few years drones have morphed from frightening war machine into full-time toy, with legions of fans using them for drone photography, drone racing and drone selfies. With price points starting at below $50, they’re a tech toy that’s accessible to all, and we’re seeing a global rise in drone friendly experiences.

  Such as DJI’s brand new DJI Arena in Seoul, South Korea, a 1,395 square meter space that looks like you’ve stepped into Ender’s Game. The arena opened today, and visitors can try out the LED-lit circuit, maneuvering their machine through multicolored circles of varying sizes and heights. Progress can be monitored on the LCD screens that stream the action and chargers and docks are provided, as is a viewing area so visitors can sit and soak up other pilots skills.”



(Credit: DJI.com)



” At $13.50 per person for three-hour stint is very reasonable — though you do have to bring or borrow a drone to participate. They also offer educational programs for schools and children (they provide the drone in these cases.)”

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Photo Of The Day 8.20.16

Fly An Autel Robotics X-Star And They’ll Pay For Your Drone License

Autel Robotics To Pay For Customers’ Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test




” Autel Robotics USA announced today that it will support its customers who intend to fly the X-Star series drones commercially by covering the cost of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote Pilot Knowledge Test in the form of a rebate. The knowledge test is one of the major changes under FAA’s new Part 107 drone regulations, which among other provisions, make obtaining permission to flying drones commercially more accessible.

“ We want to make professional drone use easy and accessible to wide variety of business users, and paying for the testing fees for our users is one small way we’re helping customers learn about how drones can make their businesses more profitable, safer and more productive,” Autel Robotics USA CEO Steve McIrvin said. “These new rules provide clarity and lower the barriers to entry for professional users…It’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of this flourishing industry.”

  Eligibility criteria for the rebate will include proof of a qualified X-Star series drone purchase and proof of a passing result on the FAA’s knowledge test. Qualified purchasers licensed to fly drones commercially under previous regulations will also be eligible. The promotion will officially start Aug. 29, the same day the new FAA regulations are set to take effect, and run through the end of November. Autel Robotics will publish details on the rebate on its website closer to the promotion start date.”



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Photo Of The Day 8.19.16

NAR , Drones & Real Estate Appraisals

Drones – The Appraiser’s Next Great Tool


Image result for drones and real estate


” After years of consideration, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has finally published rules on how to integrate drones safely into the National Airspace System (NAS). There is now an easy to understand system and set of rules which anyone flying a drone must follow. This booming and exciting new technology is making its debut in many different fields of commerce and real estate is no exception. An interesting question arises from all of this. Should real estate appraisers consider using this technology when appraising real estate? The simple answer is, absolutely.

  Our office has utilized aerial photographs in an appraisal on more than several occasions. Here are some examples: pictures of a new roof system installed on an older improvement; large acreage tracts that the client wanted in order to know more about forestation and topography; proximity to surrounding properties or features such as rivers, lakes, commercial buildings, and power lines – just to name a few. This bird’s eye view can provide the client with a much better idea of the neighborhood surrounding a property and physical characteristics of the property itself. To coin a phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” “


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Photo Of The Day 8.18.16

Official Star Wars Drones Are Now Available For Pre-Order

Official Star Wars Flying Battle Drones’ Details Are Out Of This World




” You have seen DIY Star Wars-themed RC toys and you have seen officially licensed versions too, now, meet the official Star Wars drones. Made by RC toy maker Propel, the Star Wars Battle Quad, as it is called, comprises of four iconic Star Wars vehicles, including 74-Z speeder bike, T-65 X-Wing Fighter, TIE Advanced X1 Fighter and of course, every geek’s favorite intergalactic cargo, Millennium Falcon. Being the official product, the level of details and quality are not far from scaled models designed for display purpose and as the product name implies, each of this flying toys is actually a quadcopter in disguise. However, instead of black rotors, the props are transparent to create the illusion of non-existence, well, at least when they are spinning fast.”



Image result for official Star Wars drones



” These are no park flyers; these scaled Star Wars fighters can get from zero to 30 mph in just 3 seconds and hitting speeds of over 35 mph. But they are not necessary always that fast; three speed setting allows you to choose a speed that you are most comfortable with and if you are feeling more adventurous like Rey, you can pull some serious Gs with a push of the button. In addition to fairly regular flying, these miniature flying crafts are battle-ready too, affording up to 24 pilots to go head-to-head in a real-world laser battle.”


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Photo Of The Day 8.17.16

Drones And Artistry: An Awesome Combination

Ars Electronica & Intel Present: DRONE 100 – Spaxels Over Linz






” “DRONE 100 – Spaxels over Linz” is the title of a spectacular quadcopter swarm performance that Ars Electronica and IntelTM are staging on September 10th. Weather permitting, 100 LED-studded Spaxels will put on a truly amazing display of aerial artistry above the Danube as the lead-in to this year’s Visualisierte Klangwolke extravaganza, “River of Knowledge.” Following their world-record-setting flight in Tornesch near Hamburg in late 2015, the 100-drone swarm has performed before a live audience only once. As the highlight of the Vivid Sydney Festival this past June, the quadcopters put on a show above the Australian metropolis’ harbor immediately adjacent to the world-famous Opera House. Thus, “DRONE 100 – Spaxels over Linz” will be the formation’s European premiere. “We’re delighted to be appearing in Linz again and to finally be able to demonstrate how far we’ve developed the SPAXELS since our very first appearance at the 2012 Klangwolke,” said Ars Electronica Futurelab Director Horst Hörtner.”





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Photo Of The Day 8.16.16

Events Schedule For Spaceport America Released

Spaceport America Announces Annual Signature Event Series






” Spaceport America, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport located in southern New Mexico in the USA announced today the introduction of five annual Spaceport America branded signature events.

“ We are pleased to open up our beautiful commercial spaceport to the public through our annual Spaceport America signature event series. With something for everyone – people who might not ever have engaged with a commercial spaceport can now visit, share and leave inspired. These recurring annual events will bring thousands of visitors to New Mexico and benefit our tourism and local economies.” said Christine Anderson, Spaceport America CEO.

  The Spaceport America signature event series will begin with the annual Spaceport America Open House on October 1, 2016. The Spaceport America Crew along with Virgin Galactic and other Spaceport customers are scheduled to be there to interact with visitors and share their knowledge of what it takes to run a commercial spaceport and commercial space. Free to the public, registration opens September 1, 2016.spaceportamerica.com/openhouse

  The Spaceport America Drone Summit, November 11-13, 2016 will welcome drone pilots, speakers, vendors and spectators to three action-packed days of drone racing, drone workshops, fixed-wing demonstrations, drone cinematography and more. Sanctioned by the AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics and supported by the New Mexico Filmmakers Give Back, the Spaceport America Drone Summit, will be a can’t-miss event for drone enthusiasts and spectators alike. Sign up on the splash page for the latest updates.

  Spaceport America’s two mile long spaceway is a racer’s dream. MKM Racing Promotions LLC and the Spaceport America Crew will host and support the Spaceport America Mile, a standing one mile vehicle racing event to be held from March 10-12, 2017. Racers, volunteers, sponsors and spectators will want to sign up on the splash page for the latest developments.”



Image result for Spaceport America Logo



” Next Spring will bring the Spaceport America Relay Race along the historic El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro trail from April 8-9, 2017. Starting at the Bridge of the Americas (El Paso-Ciudad Juárez) with the finish line at Spaceport America, MH Enterprises LLC and the Spaceport America Crew will host and support this two-day 200 mile event. Runners, sponsors, volunteers and spectators can sign up on the splash page for updates.

  The annual Spaceport America signature event series will culminate with the Spaceport America Cup to be held June 13-18, 2017. The Experimental Sounding Rocket Association and the Spaceport America Crew will host and support the world’s largest University rocket engineering competition on the vertical and horizontal launch campuses at Spaceport America. Teams, judges, sponsors, and spectators are encouraged to sign up on the splash page to stay informed.

About Spaceport America

  Spaceport America is the first purpose-built commercial spaceport in the world. The FAA-licensed launch complex, situated on 18,000 acres adjacent to the U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico, boasts 6,000 square miles of restricted airspace, low population density, a 12,000-foot spaceway, and 340+ days of sunshine and low humidity. Some of the most respected companies in the commercial space industry are customers at Spaceport America: Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, UP Aerospace and EXOS. Visit http://spaceportamerica.com and http://gatewaytospace.com for more information.

Media Contact for Spaceport America                                                          

Tammara Anderton
Spaceport America
media@spaceportamerica.com “


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Photo Of The Day 8.15.16

Make Your Business Cards Soar

FPV Racing Drone Business Card




” The world’s first business card sized drone, made from one single 3D printed card and parts from a Blade Inductrix Micro Quad (Tiny Whoop). See instructions under ‘Thing Files’.

Size: 2″x3.5″x0.05″
Frame weight: 2.1g
Full weight including all components, battery (3.7V 1S), FPV camera (Spectrum Ultra Micro) and mount, and card: 22.6g

Camera mount pictured by bmsweb: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1637590

Video instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuQl7xgHrX8 “


Thanks to The Drone Girl & Thingiverse