Rescue Drone Industry Growing By Leaps & Bounds

Fighting for Life: Why Drones Are Infiltrating Emergency Services






” This year, a young start-up company wowed the judges of the European Satellite Navigation Competition, beating an array of strong contenders for the grand prize. The POSEIDRON drone, developed by Sincratech Aeronautics, uses thermal imaging and spatial positioning software to find people stranded at sea. It’s able to deploy a dingy for shipwreck survivors, and is equipped with a transmitter to alert rescue teams to their peril. It looks like an orange lily flower, with its octagonal bloom of rotor blades hovering gently in the air. POSIEDRON is symbolic of the encroaching prevalence of drones on the cutting edge of tech innovation, especially since a drone with built-in software capabilities has carved its mark in a competition usually dominated by satellite relays and GPS platforms.   

  For some, this may be emblematic of the rise and rise of UAV application in the emergency services. If you’re on the frontline of danger, then it makes sense to have a good toolkit at your heel – it is hazardous to wade into modern problems without a suitable modern solution. The problems our emergency services face, compounded by belt-tightening in tough economic climates, mean cost-efficiency and intelligence are vital to navigating increasingly crowded cityscapes, coastal regions and disaster-struck rural areas with the thoroughness these environments call for. Drones are an eye in the sky that serve to compliment ground forces, not banish them entirely. As such, they are being lauded around the world as a user-friendly weapon in the fight against the gravest consequences of human error, natural catastrophe, or plain and simple neglect. “


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