Another Flight Organization Bemoans Drone Regulations

RCAPA Cries Foul On FAA Drone Regulations





” Yet another drone interest group has spoken out against the recent FAA drone regulations requiring registration of all drones greater than 250 grams.  The Remote Control Aerial Platform Association (RCAPA) has published a statement speaking out against the FAA’s hasty science, saying that the FAA has been caught up in drone hysteria.

  Patrick Egan, Director of Special Programs for the RCAPA, wrote the statement.  Mr. Egan, also the editor of the Americas desk at sUAS News, began the RCAPA statement by speaking “On behalf of the membership, unrepresented hobbyist and the public at large…The Remote Control Aerial Platform Association (RCAPA) contends that the unaffiliated RC hobbyists stakeholder was disenfranchised in this instance, as they had no credible and or qualified representation.”

  The statement hits a nerve with many drone enthusiasts, who feel that while industry was well represented on the FAA Task Force that made the registration recommendations, the hobbyists who will be required to register were not.  The RCAPA  statement contends that many of the task force members lobbied to be included, and were clearly not impartial to the outcome.

  Beyond the complaints of other organizations and Mr. Taylor, the gentleman bringing suit against the FAA, that the laws were not legal based on previous legislation, the RCAPA statement points out that the fear-mongering language over “sightings” and the “science” used to dazzle the public about the dangers of objects weighing 250 grams (remember those pages of math equations?) in the Task Force Recommendation statement may be significantly flawed.”



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