Photo Of The Day 1.20.16

A Bird's-Eye View Of Soundview Restaurant In Greenport , NY

A Bird’s-Eye View Of Soundview Restaurant In Greenport , NY


   In view of the fact that this long-standing family business has recently been sold we thought a little history is in order :



” It all began with a snack bar on the beach.  The story goes that, in 1935, Southold Town built a “little square box “of a building on the east end of one of the pristine  public beaches on the rural North Fork of Long Island.  It was their hope to be able to serve refreshments to the local beach goers.  Jack Levin, a local young man was searching for work and at the same time Supervisor Horton was looking for someone to run the concession.  Jack happened to have been Mr. Horton’s paperboy and he remembered Jack as a hard working kid with infectious enthusiasm.  It was a perfect match and Supervisor Horton immediately gave Jack the concession. Jack’s Shack soon became the most popular summer spot on the East End.  Jack sold thousands of hamburgers and hot dogs which were washed down by frothy milkshakes while teenagers and adults alike danced to the jukebox, played beach games and swam the lazy summer days away.

That was then, and now, 75 years later, just a stone’s throw east of the legendary Shack, stands the equally famous Soundview Restaurant.  The culmination of big dreams and years of hard work, Jack succeeded in completing his vision of a complete resort on the North Fork of Long Island.

  In 1953, Jack and his wife Donna built the Sound Shore Motel one mile east of Jack’s Shack and adjacent to the the Soundview Restaurant.  Donna ran the 12 unit motel while Jack tended to the wildly popular shack. In 1955, Jack gave up the shack and helped Donna at the motel. The motel’s popularity was rapidly increasing. Jack started building additional rooms for the vacationers. Donna helped but had her hands full tending to their family which was also expanding eventually to include four children; Jody, Ellen, Rachel, and Andrew.  The Sound Shore Motel grew and expanded, keeping Jack and Donna working very hard but enjoying life. Meanwhile, Jack always kept an eye on the Soundview Restaurant next door. “



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