TRACE Introduces The Next Generation Of Follow-Me Drones

TRACE Develops Immersive 360-Degree Video Applications For Use In Both Commercial And Consumer Quadcopter Drones








” TRACE Intelligent Systems, developer of The TRACEr1 – a visually intelligent camera capable of following its owner almost anywhere and live-streaming captured footage to the internet – announced today, a partnership with the leader in 360-degree panoramic imaging, ImmerVision

  TRACE will integrate 360-degree panomorph optics and ImmerVision Enables 2.0 fully immersive content navigation functionalities and cross-platform compatibility into a selection of its visually intelligent auto-follow FLYr drones in order to unlock truly next-generation immersive content.

  By combining the FLYr’s auto-follow capability and live streaming network with ImmerVision Enables 2.0, TRACE will position to become the first drone manufacturer to allow viewers of action footage to truly experience what their friends, idols and favorite athletes are experiencing via virtual reality, as they’re being autonomously followed and filmed.

  Remote viewers of live-streamed footage will be able to immerse themselves, like never before, in experiences such as chasing an all-star running back down field as he takes the ball across the goal line or “flying” behind a snowboarder as she carves her way down a steep mountain slope, and be able to look in any direction and take in the surrounding scene simply by tilting their mobile device or moving their line of sight within a virtual reality headset. “


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