Disney Lobbies To Skirt Own Drone Ban

Disney Loved Its No-Fly Zone — Until It Wanted To Fly Its Own Drones



” Florida pilots know the rule well — you better steer clear of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, or else. It has been a no-fly zone for over a decade – a luxury afforded to none of the other 400 theme parks in the United States, and a point of contention lingering over “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

  But now Disney is asking the government for an exemption to the no-fly restrictions so that it can launch flocks of drones over Disney World and Disneyland, a move that has resurfaced frustrations and a debate in the aviation world over the merits of the no-fly zone.

“ It was controversial that [Disney was] able to get those put in place in the first instance,” said Enrico Schaefer, a lawyer handling drone litigation at Traverse Legal. “Now for them to come back to ask for the exemption to fly within these areas that are restricted, it just seems like salt in the wounds to a lot of other folks in the aviation community.”

  Critics say Disney used its lobbying muscle in Washington to block aerial advertisers under the guise of national security concerns after the 9/11 terror attacks. It was a win for Disney, which is no longer troubled with planes towing banners over the Magic Kingdom. Now Cinderella Castle and Tom Sawyer Island have the same kind of protections reserved for the White House and U.S. Capitol.”


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