Meet Pegasus: The First Social Delivery Drone

The Pegasus Is The World’s First Peer-To-Peer Aerial Delivery Platform





” Twelve months ago, we set out to create the most powerful drone ever seen. Unsatisfied with short flight times and limited payload capacities, we decided to create a drone capable of covering vast distances and handling the most demanding payloads.

  The Pegasus is the world’s first social drone delivery platform, giving you the power to autonomously send items to anyone you want. With a fully automatic cargo bay, autonomous GPS navigation, and smartphone integration, delivering packages has never been easier.”



” The Pegasus also integrates seamlessly with off the shelf gimbals, action cameras, and DSLRs to produce high quality aerial footage out of the box. Additional features like follow-me, first person streaming, and waypoint navigation make getting professional grade footage easier than ever.

  With full 3-axis gimbal support, a modular payload system, and a state-of-the-art flight controller, the Pegasus excels at applications such as aerial photography and autonomous point-to-point delivery. “



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