Welcome To The “Internet Of Drones” , Brought To You By DRONEBOX

DRONEBOX Introduces The “Internet Of Drones”







” H3 Dynamics unveiled DRONEBOX, at this week’s Singapore Air Show. In a clever marketing pitch H3 Dynamics is characterizing the product ats a “revolutionary system that converges professional drone-enabled service activities with the Industrial Internet of Things. Welcome to the Internet of Drones.”

  DRONEBOX enables operators to deploy sensor laden drones at different locations to measure just about anything, anywhere, anytime. They offer 24/7 reactivity, providing critical information to operators – even those thousands of miles away.”




” DRONEBOX is a weather proof container that can charge drone batteries automatically within its shelter system. Off-grid power is provided primarily by a solar-battery installation. For more advanced requirements, system capabilities can be extended using REMOBOX, an accessory that provides more advanced communications and hosts a small back-up fuel cell system for year long availability in mission critical locations. It can be installed anywhere allowing drones to perform pre-programmed scheduled routines, be deployed on demand, or be woken up by other drones or sensors as part of a much wider network of “things”. “


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