Is YoCam The Next Generation In “GoPro” Style Cameras ?

YoCam: The Smartest, Lightest Waterproof Camera






YoCam is the smartest, lightest, and affordable all-in-one digital camera.It’s time to ditch your GoPro, DropCam, NestCam, dash cams, selfie cameras, and other life-logging cameras because the YoCam does it all and does it the best.”





” Designed and engineered to be the last line of cameras you’ll ever need.It’s light weight, powerful, versatile, waterproof & most importantly – affordable.YoCam weighs only 2 ounces (~ 55 grams) without sacrificing any functionality.”





” With an IP68 rating, YoCam is waterproof up to 20 foot deep without an additional housing unit.Whether you’re capturing summer moments splashing in the sun or you accidentally drop YoCam into your pool – you can rest assured knowing its safe.”




” Designed to be a user-friendly as possible, you can easily take selfies with the click of an easy-to-reach button. Forget DSLRs and smartphone cameras – YoCam has a 140° super-wide angle, fixed focus lens for optimal group shots.”


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