Location , Location , Location: How To Find Places To Fly

Finding Places To Fly And Photograph With Your Drone




” Got your new video/photo drone? Check!

Read the Manual? Check!
Run the flight simulator program or practiced with some toy quads? Check!
Made your maiden flights at a large open field (school or similar field) to test the setup? Check!


  Now it’s time to find some more varied places to fly and take some stunning still pictures and videos. Don’t be tempted to use your front and back yards and local neighborhood as regular flying grounds – they probably aren’t that interesting and you’ll be quite embarrassed if you need to retrieve your new machine from the neighbor’s pool. Worse yet, you could damage cars, property or injure people.

  Finding some more suitable grounds is easy for some…but more difficult for many. Here are some hints and tips which may help you find some safe – and photogenic – places to fly a camera drone.

   Study local maps carefully – ideally on Google Satellite view. Once you become familiar with your locale, locate large open (usually green) areas. During a recent trip to Florida, I noticed that a large fairgrounds was just a few blocks away. This area provided a great view of the city and surrounding area and was very safe for flying.

  It’s easy to get “pilots block” and think that there is nowhere decent to fly or photograph. Yet as you can see in the examples above, the possibilities are almost endless. Keep this list handy and refer back to it when you run out of ideas!

Abandoned Properties (not posted) such as old RR Tracks, etc.
Land Trust properties, Botanical Parks and similar facilities.
Historic Properties (with permission – trade for photos and videos).
Private Properties with Permission – Real Estate for Sale, Farm Markets, Nurseries, Horse Farms, etc.
Large Church or Monastery Properties (with permission).
Municipal Parks (with permission if they are marked as not allowing R/C).
Golf Courses (with permission at off-hours).
Craigslist and other ads…for free Private Property photos.
Construction sites (with permission – or abandoned, non-active).”


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