Watch The First Annual , Million Dollar World Drone Prix Live This Weekend

Drone Racing Roars To World Drone Prix 2016 With 





” The miniature roar of drones will skim over the skies of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Friday and Saturday when teams compete in what organizers describe as the largest drone racing event in the world.

  Some 32 teams will be selected from more than 100 qualifiers for the World Drone Prix races that will award $1 million in prizes.”



aerial-track copy



” Teams consisting of a pilot, navigator, pit crew and technician will vie on a 646-yard course created for the race, featuring two shortcut lanes and a twisting “joker lane.”

  Pilots will guide their aircraft at speeds that could reach more than 60 mph, using a view of the course provided by front-facing cameras. Competitors can use any kind of drone and components.”





” Their objectives include finishing the race, overcoming all obstacles, accruing the least number of penalties, and making a minimum of one pit stop and one trip down the joker lane.

  Track obstacles are designed to test the pilot’s agility and coordination, ability to maintain course against wind, maneuvering skills, and ability to make quick changes in direction.”



WDP Finalists



” The event, hosted by the World Organization of Racing Drones, will award cash prizes in several categories including best lap time, freestyle team, track team, construction and fan favorite.”


   The races are scheduled for 3pm to 8pm local (Dubai) time and may be watched by livestream here .


   Note: We apologize . The link to Livestream was bad . Fixed now . Enjoy the races .Below is a schedule of events . All times shown are Dubai times which is 9 hours ahead of US EST.




World Drone Prix Day One Schedule

                                                  World Drone Prix Schedule – Day One 



World Drone Prix Schedule - Day Two

                                             World Drone Prix Schedule – Day Two



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