Getting More Air Time Out Of Your Drone

6 Tips For Extending Your Drone’s Flight Time




” One of the biggest drawbacks of drones? Short battery life.Inexpensive beginner drones often can only fly for about 7 minutes, while high-end models like DJI’s line of premium quadcopters have an average flight time of about 25 minutes.

  But for drone pilots who capture aerial photos and videos for weddings, agricultural data collection, large building inspections and other purposes, even 25 minutes will seem too short.

  Here are some essential tips for extending the battery life of your drone:

  1. Buy a bigger, more powerful battery.

  Purchase a bigger, more powerful battery than the one your drone originally comes with. Check out online stores like Adorama and find the largest battery with the highest mAh capacity. *Note: of course, not all batteries are compatible with all drones.

  That being said, take the battery’s weight into account as well because larger batteries tend to be heavier and may end up weighing your drone down during flight, which can be counterproductive.

  1. Don’t drain or overcharge your battery.

  Draining your battery will make it weaker, which will result in a much shorter battery life. On the other hand, overcharging will have the same effect, but the difference is that it can also be dangerous because your battery may explode or catch fire.”



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