Apellix Creates A “House Painting Drone”

This Drone Can Paint Your House Better Than You Can





” A drone can probably paint your house better than you do — and it won’t end up falling off the ladder.

  Florida-based startup Apellix developed a prototype unmanned aerial system that can potentially paint homes or ships, apply chemicals, or pressure wash windows. It’s called the “Worker Bee.”

  Company founder presented the pitch for his drone on Friday at Northrup Grumman’s campus in El Segundo, California, hoping to find partners who could potentially use the technology.”





” ” Drones can do more than gather data, take pictures, and deliver packages,” Dahlstrom said. “They can do real work.”

  For its prototype, Apellix flies a quad-copter connected to a base station and paint materials via an umbilical cord and tether. The small drone can then paint evenly on a surface, opening a large opportunity for industrial painting of skyscrapers or ships in dry dock — which normally requires about four days and 30 people setting up scaffolding before they get started.”


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