Introducing HYBRiX.20: The First Dual-Fuel (Gasoline/Electric) Drone

The First Petrol-Electric Multicopter





” HYBRiX.20 is the first hybrid (petrol-electric) multirotor UAV in the market. Its advanced technology with range-extender allows it to fly for 2hr. with 5 kg. payload and up to 4 hours reducing that weight.

  Its unique features make HYBRiX.20 a very versatile platform for all kind of aerial applications. It can incorporate a wide range of sensors and payload accessories that will help you accomplish your missions faster and safer than ever before.”





” Compact and powerful. This professional UAV of 20 kg. MTOW can be quickly deployed and operated by just one person. HYBRiX.20 has removable arms for easy transport and it comes with a rugged suitcase to carry it comfortably in the trunk of a car.”


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