XEagle Drone Promises Advanced Features With A Budget Price

New Drone Stays By Your Side Using Smart Watch Technology






” Smart watch technology can let your drone follow you wherever you go and avoid any obstacles in its way. FLYPROs XEagle is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that features both auto follow and obstacle avoidance functions.

  Users don’t need much (if any) experience with drones to use the XEagle. The drone works with smart watch technology called XWatch, which is designed specifically for the aircraft and transmits navigation and flight commands.”






” XWatch offers two ways to command the drone to follow you. The first is a high-precision pressure sensor that enables the user to command the aircraft to follow them by tapping once on the screen.

  The second option is to verbally tell XEagle to follow you. The voice control feature allows simple commands like “FLYPRO, take off” or “FLYPRO, follow me” to command the drone to take off, land, follow, or adjust the height during flight.”





” XEagle operates using the FLYPRO Flight Control System on board the aircraft. The system functions by using an altitude algorithm tracking system.

  XEagle uses an infrared obstacle avoidance system and built-in photoelectric sensors along with four added safety features to lower the risk of crashing while in operation. These additional safety features allow XEagle’s obstacle avoidance and crash prevention solution software to calculate in real-time what the safest next move should be and change its flight path.”



Here are the technical specs:



Weight (Including Battery And Propellers)


Max Dimension(Excluding Propellers)


Max Dimension(Including Propellers)


Diagonal Size


Max Ascent Speed


Max Descent Speed


Hover Accuracy

Vertical: +/- 0.5m

Horizontal:+/- 1m

Max Follow Speed


Max Flight Altitude


Flight Time

About 22 mins

Operating Temperature

– 10°C to 40°C

GPS Mode



   This new drone , which will be available in four different models will have a suggested retail price of between $500 and $900 US. According to our research the Xeagle was supposed to come onto the market at the first of the year but at the time of this writing we have not been able to find any retailers .


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