MMC’s Hy-Drone 1800 Promises 3 Hour Flight Time

MMC’s New H-Drone Promises Flight Times Of 3+ Hours




MicroMultiCopters Aero Technology (MMC) will be hosting a launch event to debut their new H-Drone.

  MMC states that this drone “will change the UAV industry forever. Drones will cease to be seen as toys and will become actual tools that will change humanity permanently.”

  The change is being brought about by the H-Drone’s flight time which MMC says will be 3 hours for both industrial and entertainment UAVs. This is a significant leap forward from the average flight time’s of today’s drones which average just under 30 minutes.

  MMC anticipates that businesses will be able to accomplish a great deal more than they currently can as a result of these dramatically improved flight times. The H-Drone is expected to cover distance of up to 100km and operate at temperatures below -20ºC.”


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