“Find A Better Way” Is Using Drones For Landmine Detection & Clearing

Flying Drone Exposes Hidden Landmines





” Landmine detection is dangerous but necessary work given the millions of active explosive devices still lying around just waiting to blow innocent people to bits. A sensor-laden drone being tested in the United Kingdom promises to make the process of clearing them out much faster — and safer.

  An unmanned arial vehicle created by University of Bristol scientists has special imaging technology onboard that can spot mines on the ground surface as well as old ones hidden in the dirt. Over time, explosive chemicals leach out of the landmine and gets picked up by foliage nearby. The drone’s hyperspectral imaging reveals those subtle changes, which could help humans focus their clearing efforts, according to the university.”



Find a better way's Profile Photo



” The drone is being developed for Find A Better Way, a nonprofit set up by former Manchester United soccer player Bobby Charlton in 2011 after he visited Cambodia and saw firsthand the havoc wreaked by landmines. His organization is collaborating with university researchers on tech-focused solutions for clearing the explosive devices.”


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