Dronemeisters: “You Fly. We Create The Buzz.”

Dronemeisters Helping Drone Pilots Connect With Clients


dronemeisters logo



” Dronemeisters.com, a brand-driven drone pilot directory showcasing the world’s best UAV operators, has launched. The new drone pilot resource, with its edgy Dronemeister Wizard logo and pilot apparel, was designed to help top drone pilots stand out amongst the quickly growing crowd of UAV operators.

  With experts predicting that the market for drones will increase to more than $80 billion in the next decade, the sky truly is the limit for skilled UAV pilots. Yet those skies are filling up fast, due in part to the growing list (4000+) of commercial pilots being approved by the FAA. Not surprisingly, with such explosive growth, the drone industry is already experiencing the early stages of market saturation and confusion.

  Dronemeisters is putting skilled pilots on the map in more ways than one. With just a few clicks on the website’s geo-locator map, clients can quickly hone in on local drone experts. The entire process takes just a few minutes. To further its “You Fly. We Create The Buzz.” mission, Dronemeisters supports its pilots through an integrated marketing mix including engaging web ads, innovative SEO techniques, a robust social media campaign and even striking Drone Wizard apparel designed to draw attention to pilots – whether they’re having a Macchiato at Starbucks or filming a coffee planation in Peru.”


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