Watch The Controversial Drone Video Of London That Has Pilots Up In Arms

Drone Pilot ‘Breaks Every Rule In The Book’ With Incredible Video Footage Of London



” Stunning drone footage shot over London has sparked an angry row after the pilot was accused of “breaking every rule in the book”.

  The incredible video, filmed high above the streets of London, captures some of the capital’s iconic landmarks like never before.

  The drone hovers above Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Tower Bridge as well as coming close to flying over Buckingham Palace.

  At one point the footage shows the device climbing the full 310m height of the Shard, western Europe’s tallest building.

  But the pin-sharp images met immediately with fierce criticism, including from drone enthusiasts.

  A user posting on behalf of Beehive Aerial Productions commented: “Wow, it looks like you almost managed to break every rule in the book.” “


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2 thoughts on “Watch The Controversial Drone Video Of London That Has Pilots Up In Arms

  1. I guess that you fully support illegal drone flight in one of the most congested cities on the planet?
    1.2Kg falling from 100m could kill someone.
    1.2Kg flying into a helicoptor in London could kill countless people.
    The security implications, especially in these days of terrorism, don’t bear thinking about.

    By all means post the quotes. THAT is the important part of this blog entry. The comdemnation of stupidity.

    But by posting with “incredible video footage of London” in the title negates the incredible crass, uncaring, stupidity and recklessness of this individual. It almost invites people to say, “He didn’t crash, so no harm and footage is great”

    Read some of his online comments – he is arrogant and egotistic in the extreme. Complete disregard for anyone other than himself.

    Posting the video perpetuates his “achievement”.


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