A Good $100 Drone ? You Bet

The Perfect Drone For Someone Looking To Spend $100





” Most common question I get: “I want to buy a drone that comes with a camera. What do you recommend?”

Me: “What’s your budget?”

Them: “$100.” 

 ^^ That was me, until I tried out udiR/C’s Discovery WiFi U818A HD+ FPV Upgrade drone, from USA Toyz. For just $139.99 you get the drone controller, camera, live video and all the other accessories you need…

… In other words, udiR/C’s Discovery drone is a great deal for anyone looking to capture some basic aerial video.

  The drone itself is durable and light. The propellers are guarded, which both protects against having to replace propellers after crashes and to protect walls from being scratched by novice pilots.  The drone itself weighs 5 ounces, which means it does not have to be registered with the FAA. It’s also incredibly sturdy — this drone could take a decent beating from a beginner operator and still fly as well as it did on its first flight.”


Read the whole review

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