The 16 Best Drone Universities

 Study Unmanned Aerial Systems






” If you’re heading off to college in the future and you want to study unmanned aerial systems we’ve put together a great post for you. I sent out tons of emails to all the universities I could find that seemed to be drone friendly. I investigated who was involved with the drone program at each school and I got their point of view on what their school has to offer potential students looking to study UAS or unmanned aerial vehicles.

Table of Contents

  1. Universities With Accredited Majors In Unmanned Aerial Systems
  2. Hands On Drone Technical School
  3. Universities Friendly To Drone Research & Student Groups

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Universities With Accredited UAS Degrees

  These universities offer a full course of accredited academic study that will lead you to a degree in Unmanned Aerial Systems, operation, management, maintenance and even design.”


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