Announcing The “Commercial Drone Alliance”

Commercial Drone Alliance Formed



Drone Alliance




” Lisa Ellman and Gretchen West, two drone industry veterans with a combined 20 years in government policymaking and unmanned aircraft systems advocacy, today announce the formation and official launch of the Commercial Drone Alliance (The Alliance).

  This industry-led, independent and non-profit association is dedicated to supporting enterprise end-users interested in adopting drone technology and enabling commercial market growth.

  From catastrophe response, to precision agriculture, to infrastructure inspection, to news gathering, to construction site monitoring and everything in between, commercial drones are making valuable contributions and represent one of the fastest growing sectors in technology. In its most recent aviation forecast, the FAA predicted that sales of drones for commercial purposes are expected to grow from 600,000 this year to more than 2.7 million by 2020. However, skepticism and fundamental misunderstandings have led to efforts to stunt the growth of this industry.

  The Alliance will focus on educating lawmakers on the benefits of commercial drones, changing the conversation about the technology to shape positive public perception, overcoming public policy hurdles that suppress growth, highlighting value propositions for end users, coordinating consensus-based standards development, and drafting policy based on technology and innovation.

  Founding Alliance board members include Cisco, AirMap, Lift, DataWing and Measure. Additional members include CNN, Aerialtronics, Nightingale Intelligent Systems, Skyspecs and Talon Aerolytics. The growing Alliance membership will include end users, manufacturers, insurance providers, investors, service providers and relevant associations who have all demonstrated a passion and commitment for growing the commercial drone industry in a way that promotes safety and security.”


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