Introducing “SmartCruzer” Mobile Drone Charging Case

CaseCruzer Mobile Drone Charging Station


Drone Charging Station Remote



” CaseCruzer takes flight with its cutting edge SmartCruzer Drone Charging Station invented to help the film, news media and racing sport industries power up their hand launch drones whenever and wherever the action is. These professionals now have a way to safely store, transport, and charge UAVs such as DJI Phantom. On your mark, get ready, set drone!

  CaseCruzer designed the durable and reusable SmartCruzer transport solution to simultaneously charge three UAV drone batteries and the remote control. The shock-proof case also provides ample space for propellers and cushioned saddles to secure man portable drones during travel. The case stores and charges tablets, as well, and includes custom-built compartments for batteries and remote controls with iPad/tablet mounts.

  The mobile Drone Charging Station can juice drones from two power sources: 110-Volt household electrical outlets or DC 12-Volt car power plug-ins. Safety benefits include automatic shutdown of the charging process to prevent short circuits, excessive heat or battery drainage in the vehicle being used by media, film or racing teams.”

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