Get Those Stick-Less Selfies With Hover Camera

Wow! Hover Camera Requires No Stick for Selfies




” The selfie has invaded virtually every aspect of popular culture. Social media, art galleries and mainstream news networks are completely and utterly littered with them. Yet very few of those images come even within striking distance of perfection.

  Beijing-based startup Zero Zero Robotics is on a mission to change that with Hover Camera. This revolutionary quadcopter isn’t even on the market yet, and it’s already redefined the way consumers interact with drones.”





” Hover Camera certainly doesn’t look like a camera. At roughly the size of an old VHS tape, the sleek device features four powerful propellers encased within an intricate carbon fibre skeleton. At just under 250 grams, it’s extremely lightweight, totally portable and features a 13-megapixel camera in order to capture exactly what it’s told from the air.

  Yet Hover Camera’s real unique selling proposition isn’t what it’s doing — but how.

  Rather than relying upon a controller or special wristband like other image-capturing drones, Hover Camera draws upon advanced, proprietary AI software that enables it to independently track and follow certain bodies and faces.”


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