Two Months On And Still No Prize Money For World Drone Prix Winners

60 Days After World Drone Prix – Where’s the $1 Million?





” On March 12, Banni UK (Luke Bannister) flew around an incredibly elaborate drone racing track in Dubai, complete with oscillating arms and LED lights, to grab a championship win at the first ever World Drone Prix (WDP). Hordes of international press crowded around as he took the top spot at the winner’s podium – and the $250,000 prize that went with it.

  Below him in second place BrainDrain (Brian Morris) won $125,000, plus another $150,000 in other prizes. Team VS Mescheriakov won $150,000 in total for their record making laps. Another dozen pilots and their teams of pit crew, spotters, and technicians were awarded $6,250 to $75,000 for various prizes.

  It’s now 60 days after the countless headlines shouted about the 15-year old grand prize winner and the prize money is still somewhere in Dubai.”


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