Australia Conducting Shark-Spotting Tests – Drone vs Helicopter

DPI Drone Versus Chopper Shark-Spotting Trial Underway On NSW Mid North Coast





” The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is currently running a drone versus helicopter trial on the Mid North Coast to compare their shark-spotting capabilities.

  A series of shark attacks last year prompted the NSW Government to allocate $16 million for shark management.

  One suggestion is that surf life saving clubs at popular beaches, get shark-spotting drones.

  The three-day trial off Port Macquarie started on Monday and will run until Wednesday.

  DPI senior research scientist Dr Paul Butcher said so far, there were positive results from the comparative tests off Lighthouse Beach.

” Traditionally we use a helicopter with an observer up and down the coast to spot sharks or spot wildlife, marine life,” Dr Butcher said.

” But basically with our new technologies and things such as drones, we’re just trying to compare whether the drones can see the same things helicopters can.

” So far there are really positive results.” “


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