Crowd-Funding Site Indiegogo Launches Investigation Of Lily Drone

Lily Drone Under Investigation By Indiegogo Trust And Safety Team


Lilly Indie-GoGo



” Click through to the Indiegogo page for the delayed Lily drone and this is what you will find
  Lily : The World’s First Throw-and-Shoot Camera” is under review by the Trust & Safety team. Check back later or contact us if you have concerns.

  This will probably not come as a surprise to you dear sUAS News reader, you are here so are discerning!

  I think Lily will firmly go down in history as over promising and under delivering. The last time I wrote about it I asked if they could pop one along to Patrick in Sacramento, our office is near the river so we could try out the waterproof bit. So far no joy on that one.

  Their 23rd May 2016 blog update rang big alarm bells. In it they talk about sonar integration.”


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