Drone Sightings Down Significantly

Why America’s Drone Problem May Not Be As Bad As Everyone Thinks




” A new report suggests that drone pilots are now flying more responsibly amid heightened public concerns over the dangers of the unmanned aerial vehicles.

  The Academy of Model Aeronautics analyzed FAA data and found that even as drone sales surge, drone sightings by airplane pilots have declined. Aviation safety experts have long warned that a drone sucked into an airplane engine could be devastating, hence restrictions that require drones to stay far from helicopters and airplanes.

“ It looks like we’re getting the message out there,” said Rich Hanson, the AMA’s government and regulatory affairs representative. “We’re pretty confident that education is one of primary factors if not the primary factor.”

  Hanson acknowledged there’s no hard proof that educational efforts spurred the change, but said the organization, which has advocated for model aircraft pilots for decades, has seen similar examples before.”



   Even more likely is that the “threat” of drones has been blown out of all proportion by the hysterical media in the first place.


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