What Changes Will Part 107 Bring ?

What To Expect If The FAA Releases A Small UAS Rule





” Last month, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said at Xponential 2016 in New Orleans that the agency’s rule for small unmanned aircraft systems—known as Part 107—would likely be published in late spring.

  Last week, Marke “Hoot” Gibson—FAA senior advisor on UAS integration—was quoted by the Pittsburgh Tribune as saying that the new small UAS regulations might be ready “within the next few weeks.”

  Given that June 20 is the first official day of summer, this should mean that the long-awaited rules are not far off. UAS Magazine asked two UAS attorneys and a UAS commercial operator what to expect when the rule is released.

  Matt Dunlevy, CEO of SkySkopes in Grand Forks, North Dakota, established a UAS company two years ago which holds a Section 333 exemption. The unmanned flight services company specializes in aerial cinematography, industrial inspection and agriculture.

“ Regionally, we’re already established, but we do expect an influx of new 107 operators,” he said. “I’m expecting some relaxed permissions and I do think it’s really going to change the landscape of what it’s like to be a UAS flight service provider. But in my opinion, there’s always going to be a use for the exemptions people hold right now and for the exemption process in general.”

  James Mackler, a UAS attorney with the Frost Brown Todd law firm in Nashville who specializes in UAS law, said, “I don’t think anyone expects that we’re going to get operations beyond line of sight or for over 500 feet or nighttime flying.” “



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