Drones Meet Video Games

‘AirHogs Mission Drone’ Gives Quadcopters Augmented Alien Adventures





” AirHogs Connect Mission Drone combines real drone flying with hundreds of fun missions and challenges in its alien video game adventure.

  In toy terms drone technology can be something of a solution looking for a fun problem to solve. At toy fair Mattel’s  solution was to apply the tech to big brands. Its Minecraft and Barbie drones felt a bit of a stretch in terms of play but were still good fun to fly around the New York Javits center.

  There was another drone toy at Toy Fair but in a crowded booth I was unable to really put it through its paces. The AirHogs Connect Mission Drone combines the fun of flying with playful exuberant missions. Happily, I had some time with the game in Spin Master’s offices out at E3 this year.

  To play you place a mat on the floor and orient the associated tablet app. You then fly the drone with the app but on the screen you see not only the drone but an unfolding world at battle. You must deploy troops from your ship, put out fires, avoid buildings and steadily upgrade your abilities and performance.”



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