FAA’s New Part 107 Drone Regulation – What Drone Operators Need to Know

A Summary Of What Part 107 Means From Jonathan Rupprecht




This Page Will Continually Update as More Information Gets Out. Think of it as your 107 “weather channel.”

  • You CANNOT operate under these regulations UNTIL they go into effect!
  • Peter Sachs leaked some of the info to Forbes who reported on it this morning. 
  • Here is a new webinar we just did this morning discussing the new provisions.

  The FAA is planning on releasing Part 107 this Tuesday, June 21st (this is what was said at AUVSI but the FAA could change this). Part 107 provides for individuals to obtain their “Remote Pilot Certificate.” This is interesting as the NPRM called them “operators” but the FAA changed the term to “pilot” now. The big distinction now will be whether you are a Part 61 pilot or a Part 107 pilot.

  Part 107 will provide a certificate as well as operating rules for drone operators who do not fall into Section 336 to operate their aircraft in the national airspace. The two main groups that will benefit will be the commercial drone operators and public sector operators.

  A large majority of the drone operators will fall into Part 107 which will be line of sight, under 55 pounds, daylight, less than 100 MPH, and below 400ft; however this is not a complete fix for everyone. Keep reading below to see what will not be covered by 107. I predicted most of the areas in a previous blog post on Aug 29, 2015. Another reason to sign up for my newsletter eh?

  This is a handy list compiled from the NPRM summary and the final Part 107 summary or here.

  Anything that is in BOLD and UNDERLINED is different. Anything in [BRACKETS] means I inserted it because there were a few typos that needed clarifying. Small little differences were NOT noted so as to improve readability.”


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