On Drone Regulations

Here’s Why the Drone Industry Just Had A Milestone Moment




” Law and order could be coming to the skies for the commercial drone industry.

  The Federal Aviation Administration finally revealed on Tuesday its much-anticipated ruling for how businesses can use drones for inspecting power lines, filming movie scenes, and taking photos of farmland.

  The new rules, which take effect in late August, include limiting the use of drones to the daytime and up to 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset; not flying drones over 400 feet in altitude; and requiring drone operators to qualify for flying certificates by passing exams.

Remote   The rise of drones over the past few years has sparked high hopes for businesses looking to incorporate them into their operations, like General Electric, which is testing drones to spot potential hazards near powerlines like tall trees that could topple during bad weather.

  Drones have become so popular that consulting group PricewaterhouseCoopers said the global market for commercial drone work could be worth $127 billion.Of course, this is just a projection, and these projections are often wrong. But it does indicate that more businesses are interested in using drones than previously.

  But as more companies want to use drones, and as drone technology continues to improve, federal regulations have been slow to catch up.”


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