Introducing A Free DroneWatcher App For Your Smartphone

Detect Drones ? – Now There’s An App For That !




DeTect has announced the release of the free public version of the DroneWatcher app that makes smartphones and tablets using the Android operating system into detectors for consumer drones and small unmanned aerial vehicles.”



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” Are you concerned that your neighbor is spying on you with their drone? Is your business concerned that your competitor is snooping on your operations, monitoring your inventory and shipments? Do you have a high level facility such as an airport, prison or industrial plant that needs to monitor and control its airspace from unauthorized UAV activity?

  The DroneWatcher APP turns your smartphone or tablet device into a small UAV and drone finder that detects, tracks, alerts and records information on ~95% of consumer drones. The app detects most RF controlled commercially-available drones and records data including the type and ID which can be used to document incursions and support apprehension and prosecution by local law enforcement. Note: DroneWatcher APP does not detect small toy drones or encrypted professional or military type drones.

  The DroneWatcher APP drone tracker runs in the background and only provides alerts when a drone is detected within its monitoring range (usually ¼ to ½ miles depending on site conditions). Features and options in this free version include user selectable alerts (visual and audible and 6 sound options plus mute and vibrate alert), ability to stop tracking specific drones and to reset the clear list. The DroneWatcher APP can also be installed and operate on non-cellular Android tablets as long as the device is connected to a local WiFi network. For best detection sensitivity and range of detection performance, when using the app inside a building place the device near an external window or wall. It is also recommended that a device using the app as a stationary sensor (e.g. to protect home or business privacy) that you keep the device plugged into external power. The app detects most Wi-Fi controlled drones that are readily available through consumer outlets which are 95% of the drones in use (e.g. DJI Phantom 2, 2 Vision, 2 Vision + and Phantom 3 Standard). It does not detect drones using encrypted data protocols such as Lightbridge; DeTect’s other technologies are needed to detect these. App detection range is also impacted by strength of the WiFi signal and site conditions. The app is available in English only version at this time and foreign language support may not be available.

  In addition to use to protect your privacy at your home or small business, the soon-to-be-released Pro version of the app will allow multiple devices using the DroneWatcher APP to be networked to provide wide area monitoring zones for security and privacy for public events (indoor and outdoor concerts, fairs, rallies, etc.), sporting events (car races, marathons, stadium sports, golf tournaments, tennis and other outdoor and indoor competitions), airports, hospitals, prisons, power plants, government facilities, industrial sites, and general law enforcement. Pro features will also provide expanded web services including a real-time, interactive web display of the covered area with color-coded monitoring zones, audible and visual monitor alerts, text message alerting, and downloadable data logs.

  DroneWatcher APP is part of the DroneWatcher system, an advanced multi-layered solution for detection, tracking, alerting and interdiction of drones and small unmanned aerial vehicles. DroneWatcher was developed by a US-based, leader in specialized remote sensing technologies. DroneWatcher combines signals intelligence, a smartphone app and/or radar in a scalable technology to provide a multi-layer level of security specific to each user’s security and risk tolerance needs. The technology is upgradable to meet continually evolving drone and sUAV capabilities and interfaces with third party video, acoustic and other sensors and includes an integrated web dataserver to deliver real-time, user-specific situational awareness displays for individual sites as well as regions (city, state, national).

  For more information on the DroneWatcher system or to provide feedback or suggestions, please contact the developer.”


Read more and download app



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