Grand Sky Drone Park

The U.S.’ First Commercial Park Dedicated Entirely To Flying Drones




” North Dakota, best known to entrepreneurs for its fracking industry and farmland, is now positioning itself as a mecca for flying drones, both large and small.

  In the northeast part of the state, just 20 minutes outside the city of Grand Forks, is a business park with the sole purpose of researching and testing unmanned aircraft systems. This is Grand Sky, the first commercial industrial park dedicated to drones.

  Grand Sky is located on 217 acres of the Grand Forks Air Force Base, which itself is already a major hub for unmanned aviation systems. The 1.2 million-square-foot facility includes four hangars and multiple buildings. It’s also a designated FAA test site; North Dakota’s diverse climate and relatively clear airspace make it an attractive spot for drone testing, a unique advantage it’s going all-in on.”





 ” The Peace Garden State has spent about $34 million to support UAV programs, research, and businesses throughout the state —the New York Times even called North Dakota a “Silicon Valley for drones.” A large portion of that fund is going toward developing Grand Sky’s industrial park, which began construction in 2015. “


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