New Ad Features Drone/Bird Pooping Sunscreen

Nivea’s Drone Bird Poops Sunscreen On Your Kids




” There are two things that can quickly ruin your long-awaited summer vacation on the beach. The first is the dreaded attack from above, with a seagull either swooping down to steal your snack or, much much worse, doing its business right on top of you. It’s supposed to be good luck, but it’s probably something even the most superstitious beach-goer would rather avoid. The second potential day-ruiner? Sunburn, of course.

  Now this is going to sound strange. But a well-known cosmetics company has actually combined those two regular vacation traumas together, in an ad campaign with a difference…

  You’ve probably heard of Nivea. The company is famous for its moisturizer and sun-care range. To market its products in a different way this summer, Nivea rounded up some engineers to  develop a remote control bird that can fly along the beach and ‘dispense’ sunscreen to unsuspecting children below. Autonomous sun cream delivery isn’t something we’ve heard of before in the commercial drone space, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any further developments.”

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