DJI & Parrot Drones Now Supported By Nuerala Selfie Dronie App

Nuerala Flight App Now Supports DJI Phantom And Parrot Bebop Drones




Neurala, a Boston-based software company that makes robots, drones, consumer electronics, toys and smart devices more intelligent, released today a new version of Selfie Dronie, its advanced artificial intelligence, deep learning and vision software that creates a self-flying, autonomous drones using the highly popular consumer drones. The new version adds support for the DJI Phantom 3 (except Standard), DJI Phantom 4 drones, in addition to the already supported Parrot Bebop and Parrot Bebop 2 drones.”



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” Neurala Selfie Dronie is already the most widely used consumer app for controlling robots or drones using artificial intelligence and deep learning. It is the same basic technology that Neurala is developing for use on commercial drones, self-driving cars and other consumer products. Neurala is a Boston-based robotics company known for its high-end robotic intelligence software designed for use by NASA and the US Air Force.”


The app offers the following features:



  • Hands-free selfies (press one button to start)
  • Hands-free dronies (press one button to start)
  • One button lift-off and hover
  • One handed subject selection (by pinch and zoom)
  • Automatic flight trim on every lift-off
  • Automatic start/stop video recording (never miss a flight)
  • Visual lock on and track of subject
  • Automatic return to home (via GPS)
  • Automatic return to home if wifi signal is lost (via GPS)
  • One button return home override. Flies hands-free.
  • 8-way flight control override (forward, back, left, right, rotate clockwise, rotate counterclockwise, up and down)
  • One button land
  • In-app drone calibration


  • Real-time learning of subject (“on the fly learning”)
  • On-screen subject selection with two fingers
  • Visual subject lock
  • Intelligent subject tracking as the subject moves
  • Intelligent camera control to keep recorded image on subject
  • Intelligent flight control to keep recorded image on subject


  • Automatic flight trim (no user action needed)
  • Automatic subject tracking
  • Automatic video recording during selfies and dronies
  • Automatic return home after dronie


  • Automatic HD recording of dronies and selfies
  • Disk full warnings
  • Thumbnail previews of all videos on drone
  • One button to copy selected videos from drone
  • Built-in sharing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram
  • Easy Video Trimming
  • Camera Settings – Saturation, Exposure, White Balance


  • One button emergency stop
  • Altitude limit setting (distance from ground)
  • Horizontal and vertical speed limit setting
  • Selfie-width settings (narrow, medium, wide)
  • Dronie vertical speed settings


  • Choppy video warning
  • SD card full warning
  • Lost GPS warning


  • Live video feed, including during dronie, selfie and return home
  • Drone information display: Drone speed and altitude (in meters or imperial measurements), WiFi signal strength, battery level, recording space used


  • One button to activate Frequently Asked Questions Help System
  • Help system shows latest information even when off-line
  • Automatic help system updates when app connects to the Internet
  • In-app help requests (must be connected to the Internet)


  • English (US)
  • French
  • Italian
  • Left handed and right handed operation”


Read more here and here

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