Introducing Teal: The World’s Fastest Production Drone

Teal Drone Set To Blaze Across The Skies At 85mph In Time For The Holidays





” George Matus has been building drones since he was 11 years old. At 18, he has built the world’s fastest production drone, Teal.

  The 730 gram craft will be able to takeoff at 70mph and has hit speeds of close to 85mph in testing.

  Drone racing is taking off (literally), and Matus wants to be on the forefront of the consumerization of drone technology. Besides being fast, his new drone will have access to an app store, just like your iPhone.

  Out of the box, the drone will have three initial applications. The drone has a follow-me mode that can follow people, cars, and other objects. Users will be able to race against other Teal flyers, on set courses, against a leaderboard, using image recognition developed by Neurala. The basic flight mode comes with some pretty advanced features as well.”



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” The Teal team is coding in some flight specs so that if you want to do advanced moves, like flipping the drone, you only have to push a button. Teal can also record 4K video, live stream at 720p, and take 13MP photos.

  Matus hopes to build an active developer community as he competes with other drones on the market, like those from DJI. Not to be missed, the drone is twice as fast as the DJI Phantom 4, charges significantly faster, and is $100 less expensive.

  The $1,299 drone will come standard with two batteries that will allow for 10 minutes of flight time each. That may seem limiting, but everything about this drone is fast. The on-board battery will charge in 30 minutes, and the first 500 orders will get the Endurance Package with their drone that hosts a battery that will allow for 20 minutes of flight time.”




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” Delivery of the Teal is set to occur in time for the holidays for the first batch of orders and everyone else will have access to the blazing fast drone early next year. Despite the cost-premium on production, all drones are going to be produced in the United States.”


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