LowePro Offers The DroneGuard 450 Backpack

DroneGuard 450 Backpack Review





” LowePro has been building amazing camera backpacks for years and the newest addition to their line is the LowePro DroneGuard 450. As a group that is constantly working in remote locations and traveling afar to get shots, we can definitely appreciate a reliable way to transport our gear. Can the DroneGuard pack meet our requirements for versatility, protection and ultimately find a place in our daily mix of filming? Let’s find out.”



Image result for LowePro DroneGuard 450



” You only get one chance to make a first impression and the DroneGuard backpack receives a thumbs up at first glance. The pleasantly sleek design, attractive lines and durable appeal strike me first. Second, after I picked up the 6.2 pound backpack I was aware that it was heavy duty enough to hold up to what I had planned. I instantly put the pack on to see how it felt, taking advantage of the adjustable contoured straps and getting a sense of how it would potentially feel in the field. The pack uses foam that allows it to sit and remain cool on long hikes. The foam on the outside can clearly take a few hits and the pack does not feel flimsy. Dropping it to the ground or tossing it into the back of an SUV would not derail this pack.”


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