DroneTracker 2.0 Passively ID’s , Tracks Nearby UAVs

DroneTracker Can Spot, Identify And Track Problem Drones




” Those concerned about privacy or drones intruding where they’re not wanted now have the option of fighting technology with technology.

  DroneTracker 2.0—manufactured by German company Dedrone GmbH—enables individuals and organizations to identify and track unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that might either be too nosy, jeopardizing safety or posing a threat to the public.

“ We have not seen any other passive sensor out there that’s at the point of where we have our technology,” said Lee Jones, Dedrone’s sales manager for the Americas. The system can detect drones up to a mile away and send alterts to the system operator, he noted.”





” The DroneTracker 2.0 system is totally passive, meaning that unlike radar which emits energy that reflects off objects, the tracking technology listens for a drone’s radio frequency (Wi-Fi signal) and its acoustic signature—engine noise. It also uses video to spot and track an intruding UAS. Infrared vision is available for low-light or night operations.

  The Wi-Fi sensor—added earlier this year—detects drones through the signals that control them or their sensors. It also reads the MAC address of the emitting device, enabling it to identify drone models and individual devices.”

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