“Safer Together” Venture Hopes To Integrate Drones With General Aviation

‘Safer Together’ Initiative Addresses Risk of Drone, General Aviation Collisions




” Drone maker senseFly has teamed up with aviation navigation app Air Navigation Pro to launch Safer Together, an initiative to address the risk of mid-air collision between unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and general aviation (GA) pilots.

  In the coming weeks, senseFly will release new GA functionality for its eMotion flight-planning software. This will enable operators of its drones – such as the albris inspection UAS and eBee mapping platforms – to create a special advisory when activating their automated drone flights. Then, eMotion will transmit this advisory – a batch of flight information – via the Internet to Air Navigation Pro’s server. Air Navigation Pro will then push this information out to all smart devices of connected Air Navigation users. In turn, they will be able to see details of the senseFly operator’s planned drone working area, such as its location, likely timings, height above the ground and type of drone.”



Image result for Safer Together Flight Solutions 


” For the second phase in the coming months, senseFly drone operators will, in turn, gain the ability to view Air Navigation users’ flights in real time (with an Internet connection) – providing bi-directional awareness of aerial activity for GA pilots and drone operators.”


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