New Detection System Sends Unauthorized Drones Home

ApolloShield’s New System Detects And Sends Unwanted Drones Home






” ApolloShield, which was originally incorporated as Airfence Inc., has launched an anti-drone system that detects drones flying where they’re not authorized or wanted, and forces them to fly home.

  The startup intends to sell its technology to owners or managers of venues that have intense security needs such as oil refineries, nuclear facilities, airports, prisons, stadiums or hotels and buildings where high-net worth individuals or public figures may reside.

  Co-founders Nimo Shkedy (CEO) and Gilad Beeri (CTO) explained that the ApolloShield system includes a unit installed on the ground that contains a radio and antennae. Each unit scans an area for drone communications.”




” Stringing a few units together will let a user protect the entire perimeter of a venue of any size.

  The startup faces competition from drone detection firms like DeDrone, and anti-drone tech providers including DroneShield, OpenWorks, or military anti-drone tech companies that could move into the consumer market like SRC Inc.”


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