Yuneec Releases Breeze , A New “Selfie Drone”

Yuneec’s Breeze Is A Flying Camera That Is Pretty Hard To Crash




” Yuneec International has launched its Breeze “flying camera” that is easy to use and hard to crash.

  The Yuneec Breeze is controlled via  mobile device, and it can take UltraHD 4K videos and photos. It sells for $500. It has instantaneous social media sharing and autonomous flight controls that keep the drone hovering at a stable height and automate the process of landing.”



Image result for Yuneec Breeze



” Yuneec International is a division of Yuneec, a Hong Kong maker of drones. Intel invested $60 million in the company last year, and Yuneec’s other drone, the Typhoon H, uses Intel’s RealSense 3D depth camera. The camera drone is aimed at mainstream consumers, rather than drone enthusiasts.

  The app is available on iOS or Android, and it downloads images straight to your smartphone so you can share them on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The drone is also smaller than many others on the market. Among other capabilities, the Breeze can take ultra high-resolution aerial photos and videos of the consumer, and it can fly both indoors and outdoors.”


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