America’s Top 5 “Drone-Friendly” Cities

Drone Zone: The 5 Best Cities For Fliers



2016_08_15 DroneIndex MAP.r6



” America’s obsession with drones is reaching new heights. Whether we’re using them to film weddings, deliver groceries, or kill those dubiously dubbed terrorists, unmanned aerial vehicles are bigger than ever in the U.S. A new report found that the drone industry could grow tenfold to 67.9 million units shipped per year by 2021. People are already planning their vacations with their drones in mind and traveling to compete in national competitions as legislators struggle to keep up with the pace of this widespread adoption. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that not all airspace is created equal.

  We set out to find the best all-around American city for drone fanatics, using a number of criteria.

  Houston, TX, is America’s biggest drone city if you look at absolute figures, with more than 3,000 drones registered there. But if you adjust that figure to account for population, the picture is a little different. Cities in Florida dominate the top five with Orlando claiming 6.74 drones per 1,000 people. Miami is next with 5.26 drones per 1,000, and Vegas comes in third. Tampa and Cincinnati round out the top five.”


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