Kesprey , Matternet Among The Drone Companies To Watch

6 Drone Companies To Watch In 2016



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” The drone market has rapidly grown in 2016, and it seems like the industry is only going up from here.

  On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration legalized commercial drone use as its Part 107 rules went into effect, dramatically increasing the potential number of users. Anyone can legally operate a drone as part of their business after passing an aeronautical knowledge test and registering with the FAA. In the first two days after the test became available, 1338 people had completed the test, which as of then had a 88 percent pass rate.

  The drone market is expected to exceed $60 billion by 2020, according to Macquarie analysts. Analysts said they expect 9 million consumer-grade drones and 6 million commercial-quality drones flying in the skies by 2020.

  The FAA anticipates that 42 percent of commercial drones will be used for inspections, 22 percent for aerial photography and 19 percent for agriculture.

  Here are some of the top drone contenders for the rest of 2016, ranging from toy drones to commercial drones used in inspections and agriculture.”


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