BirdsEyeView Releases A VTOL Drone For Mapping

BirdsEyeView Aerobotics Delivers A VTOL Drone Fit For Pros




” “The FireFLY6 PRO is the next step in our mission to bring flying robots to everyday people. People don’t need single-application toys. They need productive, flexible tools, and we’re happy to bring that to today’s professional operators,” said Adam Sloan, BirdsEyeView’s founder and CEO.”



Image result for FireFLY6 PRO



” The FireFLY6 PRO is unique in that it performs like a traditional airplane but takes off and lands like a helicopter, vertically. This allows it to operate pretty much anywhere while covering significantly more ground (up to 450 acres) than the spiderlike quadcopter drones that are somewhat common today. All while retaining the ability to land softly and safely. In addition, it’s capable of carrying multiple different payloads for various applications: mapping, agriculture, and aerial assessment being current focuses of the BirdsEyeView team.”


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