Shields Up! New Device Promises To Ward Off Unwanted Drones

ApolloShield’s $30,000 Box Enters A Market That Includes Anti-Drone Ray Guns, Cargo Nets, And–Yes–Trained Attack Birds





” The ApolloShield, which looks like a home internet router, uses radio waves to prevent small drones from flying overhead. Unlike the radar-based systems that can only detect drones, it promises to get rid of them.

  Hobbyist drones have unique codes in their signals so their users can control them. ApolloShield’s receivers scan for these codes, alerting you if there’s an unauthorized drone overhead.”



” ApolloShield’s app essentially spoofs the drone’s remote control signal, allowing you to redirect the copter elsewhere, without crashing it. The device won’t work on military drones, which use encrypted signals.”



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