Sporty’s And USI Team Up To Provide Drone Flight Training

Sporty’s Pilot Shop Partners With Unmanned Safety Institute To Provide UAS Training



Sporty’s Pilot Shop and Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) will now offer two online courses, the UAS Ground School Course and the UAS Safety Awareness Course, which provide comprehensive training for individuals involved in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

  The UAS Ground School Course is a comprehensive training program, perfect for commercial operators and pilots of larger UAS. More than 24 hours of training covers all the essential topics, including: parts of a UAS; responsible operations; concept of operations; human factors and crew resource management; identifying hazards; aeronautical decision making; and emergencies. Each segment includes a video introduction, followed by narrated slides with pictures, animations and key information. Following the lesson, assignments help apply the knowledge just learned, from reading relevant FAA documents to listening to live ATC. Then, assessments help review essential information with quizzes and essays.”


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