Tips On Passing Part 107 Exam

How To Ace The FAA’s New Test And Become A Pro Drone Pilot


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” KC SEALOCK HAD not taken a standardized test since college. But here he was at 39 years old, long black beard flecked with grey, sitting in front of a computer at Jacksonville, Florida’s Herlong Air Field, with a proctor peering on from behind a glass door. He spent two hours clicking at multiple choice questions about latitudes and longitudes, Class C airspace regulations, wing load factors, and more—60 in all.

  Finally, Sealock hovered his mouse hovered over the submit button. “I didn’t know if I wanted to click,” he says. When he did, the computer spat out his score: a pass. Pending a background check, Sealock is now one of the first certified commercial drone pilots in the United States.

  According to the Federal Aviation Administration, over 3,300 people like Sealock signed up to be the first to take the agency’s new commercial drone pilot test yesterday, when its long-awaited unmanned vehicle systems regulations went into effect. “


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