Dutchman’s Love For His Cat Leads To Taxidermy Animal Drone Company

It All Started With A Dead Cat Drone – Now Is A Taxidermy Drone Company





” Bart Jansen, aged 37 from The Netherlands, has a hobby most people would consider weird. He has dedicated his spare time to turn dead animals into drones or remote controlled vehicles. He is famous for the dead cat drone invention.

  Something tragic happened to Jansen’s cat. His cat Orville got hit by a car, and it died. Jansen decided to develop a drone using the dead cat’s body instead of burying it. He drew his inspiration from one of the Wright brothers who invented the airplane.”



Image result for Dead Animal Drones




” He rutted Orville’s body preserved it and made him into a custom quadcopter. Jansen did not do it alone. He sought the help of Arjen Beltman, an engineer, who helped him fly his creation. His custom creation has made headlines and now he has some more animals to show you.

Thought the dead cat drone was the last of the creepiest inventions? Think again!
After Jansen and Arjen successfully turned a cat into a quadcopter, several other projects followed and now they own Copter Company, is a Netherlands based company that produces a wide range of taxidermy animal drones.”


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