GoPro’s Karma Drone Is Out

The New GoPro Karma Looks Like the Most Versatile Drone Yet





” GoPro just announced its long-awaited (and long-delayed) flying camera platform: Karma. The folding drone comes in a backpack and features a removable stabilizer as well as a simple controller with a built-in display. It all costs $800 and will be available in a month.”





” Nick Woodman, the founder and CEO of GoPro, made a big deal out of the Karma’s portability and versatility at an announcement event on Monday. “It’s so much more than a drone,” Woodman said approximately 3,427 times. He’s not lying either.”



Image result for karma drone gopro



” The Karma itself is actually three devices: a quadcopter, a touchscreen controller, and a stabilizer that can be removed from the drone’s body and used as a steady grip. The stabilizer also attaches to existing GoPro mounts so you could strap it to your chest, go mountain-biking, and walk away with nice stable footage. (Woodman bragged about this functionality about a dozen times as well.) In terms of performance, the Karma boasts a maximum speed of 35 miles-per-hour, a range of one kilometer, and 20 minutes of flight time.”



Image result for karma drone gopro



” What seems most innovative about the Karma, however, is the controller set up. Unlike the popular DJI Phantom, you don’t need a smartphone to operate the Karma. The small-ish, clamshell-shaped controller features a touchscreen that will show you what the camera is seeing and handle all of the settings in one place. (Yuneec’s Typhoon series features a similar touchscreen setup in a much larger package.)”



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